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I don’t know what the rocket refers to, if anything. Kevin O'Neill says that it's from the movie Flight to Mars.I’m not sure what that thing to the right of the rocket is.Scoop, routinely voted one of the best novels of the 20th century, is a scathing savaging of the English sensationalist press.In Scoop the newspaper for which the protagonist works is the Daily Beast.Currently there is an ongoing campaign by the Labour government to bring in Identity Cards, supposedly as a counter-terrorism measure - though this argument has essentially bitten the dust and the government are pressing on with the argument that it's all to save the people from the scourge of Identity Theft.

References are explained the first time they appear, and not thereafter. If you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions, please send them to me at [email protected] Auden's words: Judging a work of art is virtually the same mental operation as judging human beings, and requires the same aptitudes: first, a real love of works of art, an inclination to praise rather than blame, and regret when a complete rejection is required; second, a vast experience of all artistic activities; and last, an awareness, openly and happily accepted, of one’s own prejudices.Its main rival, even more base and yellow, is the Daily Brute.(For modern British readers, think Daily Mail, only even worse).You can buy a copy of the poster here, if you want, and there's all sorts of other stuff with it on, like t-shirts, to be found here.".The Daily Brute is a reference to Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop (1938).

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Possibly one of the Martians wearing gasmasks from the first issue of League v2?

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  1. The depictions on the original concern the story about Sigurd the Dragon-slayer, with scenes about the forging of the sword, roasting the heard of the dragon, the horse Grani by a tree in which birds are found who tell Sigurd that the smith is intending to kill him, with the smith decapitated near a bellows and hammer at the extreme left.