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Dr Lourdes Lapuz, former head of Psychiatry in UP-PGH and later, Medical City, is the author of two books on Philippine psychiatry.Her book, (1981) said something to the effect that one of the two factors determining whether a man will be unfaithful or not is his emotional availability.While love should in theory be more than sufficient to keep a man faithful, the sad reality is that fidelity is more easily achieved by absence of opportunity or adverse consequences. Can this keep him faithful even if he's in another country? You ask if you were on the right track when you had cybersex with your boyfriend (let’s call him Allan). One was that you missed the physical intimacy you shared.Another was that you were hoping it would help him remain faithful to you. I say this because, among literally thousands of letters I’ve received from Filipinos overseas, I reckon a rough estimate of those who are determined to remain faithful despite the distance etc.

Two of the most often resorted to are porn and cybersex.In other words, Anna, the reason most men do not stray is because they value their relationships with their partners too much.It doesn't mean they are not attracted to other women.We're fine but it became clear that we miss physical intimacy.Just recently, we did it via Skype (masturbating at the same time).

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Rappler's Life and Style section runs an advice column by couple Jeremy Baer and clinical psychologist Dr Margarita Holmes.

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