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A self-snapped picture need not have a name all its own beyond ‘photograph.’ It may only be a matter of time before photos of one’s self and a friend will become ‘dualies.’ LSSU has an almost self-imposed duty to carry out this banishment now.” – Lawrence, Coventry, Conn. “The fastest over-used word of the 21st century.” – Sean, New London, NH. So, hashtag-knockitoff.” – Kuahmel, Gardena, Calif. “Used when talking about Twitter, but everyone seems to add it to everyday vocabulary. When running out of cashews becomes nut-ageddon, it’s time to re-evaluate your metaphors.” – Rob, Sellersville, Penn.

Needs to be shown the door along with “soccer mom(s)” and “Joe Sixpack” (banned in 1997). On Fleek – Anything that is on-point, perfectly executed, or looking good.“This alliterative mutation seems to be replacing the word ‘price’ or ‘cost.’ It may be standard business-speak, but must it contaminate everyday speech? No need for a skill set.” – Stephanie Hamm-Wieczkiewicz, Litfield Park, Ariz.” says Kevin Carney of Chicago, who provided an example in the March 19, 2015 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, pg. “The word ‘swag’ has become a shapeless, meaningless word used in various forms (such as ‘swaggy’) but with no real depth.” – Bailey Anderson, Washington, Iowa.We thought it might rival “fiscal cliff,” the most-nominated phrase on the 2013 list, but it didn’t come close.Cal of Cherry Hill, NJ wonders, “Are there intellectual creditors?

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When humanity looks back on zombie buzzwords, they will see disruption bumping into other overused synonyms for change. Now we are all encouraged to have a ‘conversation,’ and everything will somewhat be magically resolved.” “Over the past five years or so, this word has been increasingly used by talking heads on radio, television and in political circles to describe every form of verbal communication known to mankind. “Somewhere along the line, this word became a trendy replacement for ‘that is a problem.’ I just hate it.” – Sharon Martin, Hagerstown, Md.

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