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The only adornment on the top is a recessed black "Mi" logo, and on the front is a weak white LED to show that the device is on.

A circular base keeps the light gadget from slipping around, with a barcode and regulatory labels inside.

But that's more than enough to handle HD video when paired to a Mali 450 GPU, and might even be enough to handle 4K resolution.

RAM is just 2GB, and storage is even more laughable at 8GB - what is it with making set-top boxes that are positively crippled for local file playback? On the back of the plastic squircle is an HDMI port, a headphone jack, a power adapter port (not Micro USB or USB-C, so no playing off of a battery pack or simple phone charger) and one lonely USB 2.0 port for input or data.

The Mi Box's remote is exactly what a set-top box controller should be: easy, simple, small.

My only previous experience with Android TV is on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and as excellent as that device is, the add-on remote is pretty awful thanks to touchy volume controls and short battery life.

Stand-alone ATV units start at around 0, which is more expensive than the Roku you might buy (or the apps that come free with your TV), and less expensive than the home game console you might already have. This rookie Android TV entry from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is priced at just .

By the way, in addition to supporting Netflix out of the box, the Mi Box can also handle A2DP Bluetooth audio - I used a Bluetooth speaker while the device was plugged into a speakerless desktop monitor for most of this review.With full access to Android TV apps plus the requisite Cast streaming capability, decent (if bland) specs, and a voice-control remote, the Mi Box hits a lot of positive notes. The Mi Box can handle everything that other Android TV devices can with the exception of high-powered gaming, and the price tag is low enough to sneak into your entertainment budget.That's doubly true if you've been waiting over a year for a new stand-alone Android TV option, which has been limited to the so-so Nexus Player, the deservedly mocked Razer Forge TV, and NVIDIA's excellent but expensive SHIELD TV. But once again the hardware is let down by Android TV; the immaturity of the platform - and its trailing position in app support - means that this victory rings hollow in the larger set-top box market.And that's a definite plus for end users: it means that anyone who's used one Android TV device can quickly get a handle on another.Such is the case for the Mi Box - the grid-based homescreen is blessedly free of fluff, and all of the familiar apps from my SHIELD are present and accounted for.

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