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He also writes fiction, with two technothriller novels published to date, and an SF novella series coming in March 2017.

Simply for a CPU, microcode could be assumed as firmware of the CPU, which generally adds more functionality to the processor and patches hardware level bugs.

A field input/output transformer, an alternative for handling update requests, is executed later than a URP at indexing time.

See the Data Stax Developer Blog post An Introduction to DSE Field Transformers.

Steps to use the custom update request processor (URP) to extend the Solr URP and the field input/output transformer API as an option to the input/output transformer support in Solr.

So when a relatively newer microcode update available, do we have to update the BIOS/UEFI firmware ?command returns no selected microcodes: , that means your Intel CPU probably don't need a microcode update.Currently the only method to know if the CPU needs a microcode update.The system will build a new initramfs with the latest microcode to apply it at system startup.It depends on your system, like how much old the CPU is, is there any updated microcode released by the CPU vendor etc. But you cold check it by running the dmesg command, it generally show some helpful information.

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Replace the config-4.2.0-1-amd64 with proper kernel configuration file which math your system.

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