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It is acknowledged that some people use more than one family name (e.g.

formal name, birth name, married/maiden name, tribal name) depending on the circumstances.

Also, the last character of the name should be a hash (#) to identify that the name has been truncated.

The following format may assist with data collection: What is your family name?

_______________________________________ Are you known by any other family names that you would like recorded?

If so, what are they ___________________________________________________ Please indicate, for each name above, the 'type' of family name that is to be recorded: (a) Medicare card name (if different to preferred name). Whenever a person informs the agency or establishment of a change of family name (e.g. 'Mary Georgina Smith' informs the hospital that she has been married and changed her family name to 'Jones'.

Misspelled family name: If the person's family name has been misspelled in error, update the family name with the correct spelling and record the misspelled family name as an alias name.

Recording misspelled names is important for filing documents that may be issued with previous versions of the person's name.

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