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This is it, the most pure form of the Rolex Submariner available today.

It’s the ultimate expression in absolute functionality.

Glossy snow white and black Roman numeral hours markers with paint so thick they actually show some height.

Truthfully the small amount of sag actually makes the sportiest Rolex bracelet a bit more comfortable.Comes with the full compliment of bracelet adjusting links. It’s 100% original, the bracelet has never been removed from the case.Working like new and keeping great time the watch is estate priced at 25.00 CAD. If you’re searching for a ladies Rolex with a more sporting personality the Yacht-Master is basically your only choice.It doesn’t matter how closely you examine a Rolex dial they are always flawless. Even when they choose to decorate it with the addition of small diamonds they look flawless.Rolex have always selected the simple 17 facet single cut diamond for their hour markers while others choose the more complicated 57 facet brilliant cut.

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