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Just him calling it that – clearly that is not the kind of dude I want to date. If you live in a country that doesn’t work with Sideline – I am pretty sure this is only for the United States, I recommend using KIK, which is also a free messaging app and you can just use a random username so that it’s not your first and last name, etc.I kept talking to him for a few more days, but decided I wasn’t interested and declined a date and stopped speaking to him. My ex husband and I used KIK to communicate over wifi when he worked in Trinidad and Barbados 50% of the month. I was involved in a discussion with a girlfriend last night about a man she met online STALKING her after she decided not to see him again – they’d had an awful, very creepy first date. I am not talking about lurking on her Instagram or creeping her Snapchat…it escalated to the point where she had to go to the local police station and file a report. I began keeping my last name, phone number and basically, my entire identity, a secret after I dated the first Army Guy last year. So I never gave Army Guy my last name or told him my blog info, and we didn’t exchange social media.

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