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Make your next event a hit with catering from Gonella’s.Whether you have small party or large corporate event, we’ll serve you with our famous Italian subs and sides that are sure to have your guests talking.

If the product is of high quality it is known as “gentle” cork (Portuguese cortiça amadia, but also cortiça secundeira only if it is the second time; Spanish corcho segundero, also restricted to the “second time”), and, ideally, is used to make stoppers for wine and champagne bottles.

~The Cork Oak is unrelated to the “cork trees” (Phellodendron), which have corky bark but are not used for cork production.

Cork is the outer bark of an evergreen oak known by the Latin name Quercus (oak) Suber (cork).

The workers who specialize in removing the cork are known as extractors.

An extractor uses a very sharp axe to make two types of cuts on the tree: one horizontal cut around the plant, called a crown or necklace, at a height of about 2-3 times the circumference of the tree, and several vertical cuts called rulers or openings.

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