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After many unsuccessful attempts to track down Superman, Lois decided to fake an accident to get his attention she drove her car into the bay.

Superman was right on cue, and after pulling her (and her car) from the water, he agreed to a brief interview.

Perry was so impressed that he did agree to hire her.

Lois would quickly rise as a premiere reporter at the Daily Planet, winning multiple awards before one of the biggest stories of her career turned up: the day she met Superman.

Lois was invited aboard an experimental space shuttle, the Constitution, that was supposed to land at Metropolis airport. Suddenly, a mysterious flying man appeared and grabbed hold of the plan, guiding it to safety.

As soon as the shuttle was on the ground, Lois burst out of the shuttle, running right for the man (a young Clark Kent who had not yet fashioned his costume).

She lied and said that she was nineteen, but her sister Lucy (who had come with her) told Perry the truth.

Overhearing some reporters say that whomever gets a scoop on Lex Luthor would get on Perry's good side, Lois decided to attempt the seemingly impossible.

Her father, desiring a boy and getting two girls, treated them both as though they were in his unit growing up.Introduction Tools and Materials Screw punch 12-inch square glitter paper Black felt-tip marker "Starry Sky" punch Craft glue Paper cutter or craft knife and ruler Scissors Basswood canvas Drill and drill bit Sanding pad or sandpaper Skewer or pencil Battery-operated LED lights Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks Batteries Zodiac Constellation Wall Sun, David Palffy, Actor: Stargate SG-1.David Palffy is a film and television actor of Welsh - Hungarian descent. Palffy ..David Palffy est un acteur canadien d'origine hongroise, connu pour les rôles des Goa'uld Sokar et Anubis dans les saisons 3, 5, 6, 7 et 8 de Stargate SG-1. Congratulations are in order for Erica Durance and David Palffy!When she was fifteen, however, her family was living near Metropolis and she went to the Daily Planet to ask for a job from Perry White.She had met White once before, when she had visited the newspaper with her class.

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Diana initially asked Clark Kent to come, but as he was busy he suggested Lois, and she gratefully accepted.

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