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Even if these countries do not join soon, they all want EU expansion.

Also, this refugee problem that they cannot handle is tiny to what is to come with The financial (Mars bar) gain is fiddled as it does not include all costs e.g.

Incomes diverge, never converge to improve inequality. The UK Office for National Statistics help the scam using statistical confidence tricks, including the Gini coefficient. The con is to hide the ever widening income inequality between any countries powerful rich families and the rest of the population.

Government and authorities have utter contempt of us.

I am still amazed we had more than 5% of the population voting to stay who *still* cannot see the problems getting worse in the EU or that us remaining makes our problems worse (for the many spin-doctors: staying in wasn't going towards solving these problems).

BTW: I never blame immigrants who are only doing what many of us would do (go to better country) - or say they caused the problems - for those that slur & misrepresent me.

In the video I made the following chart for those bad at maths and to provide undeniable proof for corrupt people like those at the ONS. Many have blamed us 'old people' for voting out - but many of us 'old people' have seen what is happening over the decades.

If the government measured weight problems by ignoring the obese and dangerously underweight - you would say they were corrupt and trying to hide the problems - wouldn't you?

That is how they measure inequality - ignore the richest and poorest groups - those millions of people most affected by what is being measured. Indeed, the UK Statistics Authority (Deputy Head of Regulation) actually admitted to me about the Gini, “I agree with your observation that it is not ideal if your particular interest is in inequalities at the top or bottom of the spectrum”.

In early 1970's, I was trained by EITB (Engineering Industry Training Board) as a Mechanical Engineering Technician Trainee - and later as a Telecommunications Technician Trainee with PYE Telecom.

1964 -Engineering Industry Training Board The EITB had the power to impose a financial training levy on employers over a certain size.

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We have made our kids lose out being in the EU, as firms and government would rather take skilled workers from a vast supply of immigrants than train British young adults.

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  1. Monogamists understand the same thing, they’ve just made a conscious decision to overpower it for the sake of something they have built with another. There is also no evolutionary purpose to the feeling lasting longer than it takes to produce offspring. Nature doesn’t give a fuck about making you feel endless butterflies for the same person over decades.

  2. (Liu TS, Loess and the environment) Much effort was put into the setting up of regional and local loess stratigraphies and their correlation (Kukla 1970, 1975, 1977).