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Therefore, only the computer that registered the DNS record can update the DNS record.If the computer account in the domain is DELETED and then recreated for the same computer, the DNS record is not updated with the new SID for the computer account.Hopefully, the information in this article will help you understand the relationship between DNS security and record updates to prevent issues such as clients NOT being able to update their DNS records, or DNS records being scavenged for legitimate domain computers.When a DNS record is created by a new client, the No Refresh interval is in effect, which is seven (7) days by default.I'd like to have IPFire hand out both static and dynamic IPs for the green interface and have a separate internal DNS server. So, you have a router/IPFIRE box on one machine, that handles DHCP leases, but you want another machine to handle DNS? There needs to be a handshake an update of the A and PTR records if I remember DNS correctly.The static leases are easy, but how does one go about getting the DHCP info passed over to the DNS server? If I understand you correctly, the answer is very straight forward. Unless I'm mistaken, your solution just allows the alternative machine to handle DNS requests but not receive updates?

In other scenarios, when a change is made on the DHCP server such as configuring the DHCP service to update DNS records on behalf of the client, the DHCP server may not update a DNS record when the client registers a DNS record.

Then, the DHCP server adds the DHCP_Computer_Name$ account together with Full Control permissions for the DNS record.

With the proper configuration and management of your DNS records, the updating and aging/scavenging process should work flawlessly in your environment Please help us spread the word by socializing it today!

This behavior occurs if the Client_Computer_Name$ account already exists for the DNS record.

The DHCP server does not have permissions to the records in DNS.

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