Dating site commercial with hand puppet

But the fact remains that, over the course of four decades, the name Corolla has been glued to some 32 million vehicles.

Toyota is the only large mass-market car-maker in the world to make money, and it makes lots of it.The Corolla turned the car into just another domestic appliance, something functional, something that shouldn't be given a second thought or endowed with much sentimental attachment.Yet as owners have come to appreciate the Corolla's robust qualities, many found have beauty under its unprepossessing grey skin.And while numerous Honda Civics, Nissan Sunnys, Mitsubishi Shoguns and Suzuki Swifts have also done their bit to secure Japan's position as the second largest economy in the world, the Corolla is the biggest single Japanese automotive success story.In 2005 alone, 1.36 million Corollas were produced in 16 plants, from Burnaston, Derbyshire to Phuc Thang Vietnam.

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