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The sum of these differences lead to a strength and weakness profile for each sex that allows them to either excel or be deficient in certain roles compared to the opposite sex.

“Game” is a collection of socially-based tactics and reproducible behaviors that increase a man’s sexual attractiveness to women and therefore his access to reproduction.While women don’t “belong” in the home, they do a better job than men at nesting and child raising.While men don’t belong in coal mines or on oil rigs, they do a better job at digging minerals from the earth and raising it above ground.During that stretch, natural selection has applied different pressures on the men and women of our hunter-gatherer ancestors to increase their likelihood of survival.The most visible difference between the sexes is muscle mass, whereby a modern woman is only 60% as strong as a man, since stronger men were more likely to ensure individual and group survival.

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(A provider male, or beta male, is a man who eagerly, kindly, and sometimes mindlessly shares his financial resources with a woman of dubious worth in exchange for sexual benefits, companionship, and the chance to reproduce.) Women are also craftily aware of local legal conditions and how it can be manipulated in their favor.

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