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According to court documents, Gallegos chatted with the agent on two occasions in 2006.During those chats, Gallegos expressed that the girl was possibly too young but then went on to suggest how he would like to sexually touch her.

The reason he showed up at the meeting site, was out of curiosity about this person.There were about 120 of them packed into the library and the period was over before I knew it—it flew by with the presentation and their excellent questions. Banners featuring my books hung in the main hallway, and two enthusiastic readers were assigned to greet me.Finally, I had what I’m pretty sure will be the best school visit of my career at A. Several students had written a wonderful introduction about me and my books.After tracking his license plate number, Gallegos turned himself in.Gallegos claims he had never believed the person he was chatting with was a minor.

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Durham pointed out that Gallegos went beyond sexual talk and into soliciting someone who claimed they were a minor. She added if a man walked up to a 13-year-old on the street and solicited sex, what would be the difference?

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